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German is full of mysteries. Why is it "die Frau" sometimes, but "der Frau" other times? And why in the world is a couch more feminine than a sofa? And, while we're at it, why is the thing you're doing aaaaall the way at the end of a sentence?

"How German Works" is a clear, easy-to-understand online course. Everything is explained in plain English. No knowledge at all of grammar - or even German - required!​​

Example Clip from Lesson 11

Students very often ask me for private lessons because they weren't getting the answers they needed from their course teachers. I decided to make Germanytime in order to give them the best resource possible to get clarity before they even consider hiring an expensive tutor.

Stephan Brenner German Teacher & Germanytime Founder

Who(m) is this course for?

"How German Works" was developed for people who already know English and want to learn German. You don't have to know anything about grammar or linguistics - simply the motivation to understand the structure of German is enough to get the most out of this course and dramatically improve your progress.

  • Expats in Germany who feel they're not getting the answers they need from their teachers
  • Students of German (beginners to advanced) who want to understand why it works the way it does 
  • German Teachers who wish to more effectively explain tricky grammar points to English speakers
  • Anyone who has an upcoming German exam and wants to exponentially improve their test score
  • Anyone who's heard about how "hard" German is and wants to know what all the fuss is about

Course Features

  • No use of unexplained, overly grammatical terms
  • No confusing German vocabulary mixed in
  • No exorbitant costs, recurring payments, or subscriptions
  • No "jumping around" from topic to topic
  • No boring "teacher at the whiteboard"  or "talking head" lessons
  • Clear, easy explanations completely in English
  • All examples in German use recognizable words or A1 vocab
  • All concepts related back to English
  • Over 180 minutes of video instruction
  • Over 200 practice exercises with explanations
  •  28 progressive, staggered course units (around 15 minutes each)
  • ​Free lesson-per-day with all contents
  • First lessons available right away with free version
  • 100% money-back guarantee for paid version
  • 25 beautiful downloadable handouts
  • Compatibility on all devices
  • Pay What You Want for 60-day complete all-at-once access
  • Ongoing Feedback and support
  • Progress monitoring
Nathan P. Berlin

Stephan is one of the best language instructors I have come across, with an intuitive knowledge of individual students' struggles with German and a capacity to explain the structure of the language, in context, that exceeded my expectations (having taken other courses through different institutes). [...] Watching Stephan go through strategies to explain sometimes complicated language structures helped me immensely as an instructor, to say nothing of my growth as a student.

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