Test Your German!

Use Germanytime’s sophisticated online placement test to test your German and determine your level. Whether it’s to find out which kind of course you should join in a language school, or if you’re just curious whether you’re at the proficiency level that you should be at, this German level test will give you a good indication of how good your German is.

This online German “Einstufungstest” was developed using elements of a curriculum in conformity with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and features a unique sequence of questions depending on how the test-taker answers. This online German test consists of over 70 multiple choice questions which are presented to test takers’ level of difficulty.

Please take about 15 minutes in a distraction-free environment and answer all the questions you are presented with as intuitively and quickly as possible. This German placement test is not timed, but your spontaneous responses best mirror real-life communicative situations and lead to a more accurate test result. Of course, please don’t use any resources such as dictionaries or other life-lines during the test in order to get a more realistic assessment of your German skill.

The numer of questions you will be served varies depending on how clearly you fall into a particular proficiency level. As you test your German with this quiz, generally speaking, if you encounter far more than 15 questions, it means that your skill is not so easy to determine, and your final result may need to be re-evaluated in an oral placement at a language school or testing center. This generally happens with people who have spent a lot of time in Germany without much formal instruction. Even in this case, though, the test serves as a useful guideline as to which course level might be appropriate.

Please note that the result given is your RECOMMENDED COURSE LEVEL. This means that if you were to book a language class somewhere, this is the level that the course should aim to complete.

If you have any feedback or notice any bugs, please let me know anytime!

This is one of the most advanced German proficiency tests available online to test your German. I hope you have fun with it!

All the best,